Caradoc Kennel

Welcome to Caradoc Kennel where we believe in developing the "whole" dog through a lifetime of learning and breeding for sound structure and temperament.

As of February 18th, 2011 we are recognized as a "Breeder of Merit" by
The American Kennel Club.


Buzz is still looking for his forever home. Please visit our Icelandic Sheepdog page for more information!

 We are very excited about our most recent GSD litter!

GChB Swagger BN RN PT TC CHIC x Ch Delilah
Born October 24th, 2016 : 3 boys, 2 girls

Check out our German Shepherd Dog page for more information!   (740)704-6493

Home of the American Kennel Club's 2016 Icelandic Sheepdog National Specialty Award of Merit and Best Veteran, 2015 #8 Icelandic Sheepdog, 2014 Icelandic Sheepdog National Specialty Select Dog
Grand Champion Enska Puck of Caradoc RN HIC, CGC

American Kennel Club's 2016 Top 10 German Shepherd Dog "Bliss" Grand Champion It's a Small World of Edan CA HIC CGC

American Kennel Club's 2012 #2 ranked Icelandic Sheepdog bitch, 16th over all "Smudge"
Grand Champion McEremons Rose Garden CGC HIC

American Kennel Club's 2014 #2 ranked Icelandic Sheepdog bitch, top 10 over all "Andi" Icelandic Sheepdog National Specialty Select Bitch
2015- #12 Icelandic
Bronze Grand Champion Caradoc's Just Shy of Heaven RN CGC

American Kennel Club's 2013 Top 10 Icelandic Sheepdog overall "Tuck"
GCh Caradoc's Heaven Help Us

American Kennel Club's 2014 #15 German Shepherd Dog "Swagger"
GCh Faithrock Can I Trust U With My Heart BN RN PT CGC CHIC

American Kennel Club's 2014, 2015, 2016 Top 10 Glen of Imaal Terrier "Lily"
Daulton's Dark Lily of Caradoc CGC

**Points according to AKC Breed point rankings

Our dogs are involved in many things that keep them young and that encourage them to grab life by the tail!
  We feed a raw diet and our dogs enjoy daily exercise and fun. The young and the old are expected to be well behaved members  of our pack. We enjoy competing  and dabbling in many dog events and activities. We encourage everyone to find something they can do with their dog to enjoy as a team and to help strengthen their relationship. Here are some pictures of some of our outings and antics.







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